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This website explores the fundamental and unique learning opportunities provided by the implementation of standardized protocols. It is a place for curious minds to explore and experiment, to educate and be educated about protocols and implementations old and new alike.

This document captures the author's basic requirements and offers guidance regarding the use and purpose of this website. Additional guidance may be provided at any time. This document reflects the experimental nature of that guidance and prepares it for future inclusion in more formal Guide.

Status of This Website

This website is not currently accepting new members, but you may join the waitlist; the site exists for educational and entertainment purposes as outlined above.

This website is a member of the wider tildeverse and has been inspired in part by Paul Ford's original

While federated with the rest of the tildeverse via NNTP (et cetera), has a stronger focus on its particular mission and has several differences from other tilde boxes, namely: we have a Code of Conduct, and we have some resources available locally to aid development of protocol implementations and new draft protocols. We also serve pages over HTTPS.

Information about the current status of this website, any errata, and how to provide feedback on it may be obtained at

General Notice

This website is subject to change at any time. It may be unreliable, insecure, non-conformant, or non-existent. Please be patient, don't expect too much, and help to keep things fun for everyone.